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The short description below is just a nice shot about me. Actually, I write it for homework of English class in Quang Duc Hearing Company. Content are still update like the change never stop. If you had any question about me, please click chat bubble in the bottom right. I will answer to you if available.

I am Nguyen Trung Kien. I graduated from UEH and USSH. My majors are Marketing and Communication. I work for Quang Duc Hearing Services (QDHS) as the marketing executive.

My dream job was chemical oil engineering. I have loved chemistry since I knew it. But I didn’t study excellently enough to apply to UIT or HCMUS. So, I changed to Economics.

Firstly, I didn’t know to choose which major. I am an introverted person. So lucky, I met an ambitious lecturer. She gave me a completely new opinion of marketing. Thus, I have chosen marketing for my future career. After a long time, I learned more about communication & journalism at USSH to modify my career.

At now, I am responsible for managing digital channel communication of QDHS, administrating company web and updating market trends daily. I work regularly with Google and Facebook. Sometime, I work on some small social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn… In some sudden or annual event, I have joined supporting team with some handy work.

Every morning, I open some browsers and hundreds of tab to track performance digital channels. I use chat, Facebook profile, Google Trends for updating latest news everyday and every time. I also join online community support Google users to get the most benefit from their products. From the community activities online or offline, I meet and connect with digital marketing experts.

In my free time, I get some extra jobs. I usually get small projects because I don’t have much free time. From some projects outside the company, I get more experience and update new trends faster. I’m going to learn more about digital marketing and develop my career from this. Marketing is a highly competitive field. I hope to live with it up to retirement.

For some jobs before I work, I worked in bank, logistics, market research and editor. Experience from these jobs helped a lot for my current job.